Burner Games® event

Day Wednesday
Time 18:00-23:30
Date/Phase 24.01.2024
Location Sporthallen 1-6
Important information The team captain will handle registration for the entire team. The individual players are then registered in a second step by means of a team registration form.
Comments With the registration an amount of CHF 80.- is due per team.
Content/program After registration closes, teams will receive the schedule by email.
Provisional schedule:
Until 18.15: Presence check
18.20 h: Welcome, information
18.30 h: Start of the games
23.15 h: Award ceremony and end of the event
Prerequisites for attendance Teams consist of 8 players. At least one woman must be on the team. All players must have a valid Unicard or a valid Unisport ID.
Registration Anmelden nicht mehr moeglich
Registration deadline 07.01.2024
Costs in CHF Studierende Uni und PH: CHF 80.00 / Angestellte Uni und PH: CHF 80.00 / Übrige Ausweisbesitzende: CHF 80.00
Equipment Indoor sneakers (no jogging shoes!), comfortable athletic clothes.
Management of activity Priska Roth Richard
Andrina Lüthi
Teaching language Deutsch
Head of Section Priska Roth